GPS Tracking on the following link. But, first take a moment to study the different stages of the race. All pictures are from the last two weeks prior to the race.


Prologue 3km and Canoe 18km

​The 2017 edition starts in the country village Ringebu in Gudbrandsdalen. It kicks off with a running prologue and then the racers hits the water. The teams will do a stage called "Only Adventure Racers Paddles upstream...". This paddling will be set to the green glacier water of the river Lågen. They will paddle 9km upp-streams and will encounter passages with strong current combined with more easy paddling. The water in Lågen origins from several high mountain areas one is the National Park Jotunheimen with many big glaciers. This makes Lågen colored beautiful in green, but it also makes the water quite cold...


​​After the paddling the racers will run back to Frya Leir where they will hit their bikes for the first bike leg.



S4 The Altitude Gainer, 45km MTB

The stage aka "The Altitude Gainer" takes the teams up to a beautiful network of gravel roads just above and below the tree line. They will travel up to Ormsætra for their first checkpoint. It looks quite close to start, but it includes about 700m in altitude gain. Omsætra is an old farming area and it is beautifully located between the mountains. After first checkpoint the teams will choose to go on the trail or go back the gravel road to CP2. On theri way to CP3 and TA3 they will travel above the tree line on Peer Gynts veg. This is a high quality gravel road that will take them fast through a beautiful high mountain and farming are, before they arrive at TA3 - the ski resort of Gålå. 

S5 Sky Runners High, 30km running

The next 30km running section (or might be a trekk for some teams) is the most stunning stage of the Race. The name "Sky Runners High" both describes the altitude, the stage itself and beauty of this stage. You are running between mountaintops in a high mountain area and if the weather is clear you will see both the snowy mountains of Jotunheimen National Park as well as the steep peaks of Rondane National Park.

The TA after the running section is located at a mountain resort and the reception promises to have open until 11PM.

S6 – Pavement pleasure, Helvete and uphill punishment, 65km MTB

The TA after the running section is located at a mountain resort, Ruten Fjellstue and the reception promises to have open until 11PM. All teams will be able to enjoy the service from the kiosk. The teams will now get on their bikes again for a 65km bike ride. It starts with single tracks and they will have the first checkpoint just besides the Moose Tower (Elgtårnet). This is a hotel tower and the teams are told not to diturb the people that are sleeping up in the tower.


After the Moose Tower they will continue on single tracks that follows a lake system . They will pass Espedalen Fjellkyrke and will have their next CP at an old wooden bridge. The ride soon shifts shape and gives the only pavement section in the race, but first they will visit Helvete Potholes for their next checkpoint. After some downhill pavement riding they will turn left and more uphill climbing is on therir way. They are back up on the highmountain platau and are riding on Peer Gynts veg to the ski Resort Skeikampen. The only downside with this stage is that it will be dark after 9PM and the racers will not be able to enjoy the high mountain terrain in full detail. However they might have kind of a struggle with both the night temperature and the navigation on this stage.

At Skeikampen the TA is located in Fjellansbyen and the racers will be surprised with warm coffee and waffles with the local speciality brunost (brown cheese).

S7 – If you would know the views you would wish for daylight, 24km running

During the next stage "If you knew the views, you would wish for daylight", there are lots of options for slower teams to skip optional checkpoints. The elite teams will meet another high mountain area that are providing perfect running conditions... but the stage is 24km long and it takes endurance to be able to benefit from this. The stage includes 3 checkpoints up in high mountain terrain above the ski resort of Skeikampen. The trails are very nice mountain trails perfect for both running and mtb.

S8 – Home Sweet Home, 37km MTB

The last stage is a 37km bike stage that starts with a single track section of high standards through the same area as S7. They will later on have some route choices for the descent, but all teams will visit checkpoint 17 which is located at the Olympic ski resort Kvitfjell. By now they will most likely just want to get to the finish line...