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NAR 2019




NAR 24 hour race

This is for you who are in for a challenge! The race includes one day and one night. You will race  when the sun sets and you will still be racing when the sun rises. The concept with optional checkpoints makes this race the perfect race for people new to longer races.

You and 1 to 3 friends will explore mountains, forests and lakes. You will run, bike and paddle canoe together.  You will navigate to mandatory checkpoints and you can choose to add one, two or all of the optional checkpoints. Estimated winning time for the full course is 24 hours. You can adjust the number of optional checkpoints to fit the level of the team. 

Included: maps, gps-tracking, canoe rental (paddles and life west*), race logistics, medal  of honour (or other memory from the event), online services including photos and live updates.


*you are allowed to bring your own paddle (and west) including wing kayak padles.


"We believe that challenges makes you grow and with this in mind NAR is our contribution to the Nordic AR community. With this event we are refining our experience from AR and multisport from all around the globe. We are creating an experience of Adventure in the beautiful Norwegian landscapes. In 2016 our focus was to deliver a 24h race for everyone. This was a total success and we made the course even better for 2017."

USWE Adventure Team

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